• 1-hour intro ride - $40.00 per person excluding tax and tip
  • 2-hour ride - $75.00 per person excluding tax and tip
  • 3-hour ride - $100.00 per person excluding tax and tip

We also offer half-day rides. For these rides we trailer the horses up to scenic Wickenburg. Riders can either ride with us or meet us there for a half-day ride. This ride includes lunch you can choose either a nice Mexican, Italian or restaurant lunch or an on the trail sub and chips lunch.

Either way you are going to love riding in Wickenburg.

  • 1/2 day sub ride - $130.00 per person excluding tax and tip
  • 1/2 day restaurant ride - $150.00 per person excluding tax and tip

Custom Trail Rides

Kids must be 10 years old to trail ride. We offer free pony and ring rides to children under 10, all we ask is that you tip the wrangler.

Before your ride we take the time to match you with the right horse and introduce you to him. We will also give you instructions on how to steer, go and whoa you new best friend. When everyone is ready one of our  professional knowledgeable wranglers will take you out on a trail ride you won’t forget.

​To book your ride call or text

(602) 321-7708 or email us at

We offer private 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour and half-day rides. All of our rides are private and tailored to you. This is a real trail ride ... you don’t follow nose-to-tail you can ride side-by-side with the people you came with or your guide. Our horses do not walk in a line and we can and do ride off trail sometimes. It is mostly a walking ride due to the rocky desert that we live in but if you have some experience riding horses and your guide is comfortable with your riding skills there could be some trotting. We want you to be happy and have fun in a safe manner.

​Saber Creek Ranch

​Bill & Poppy Behrens

(602) 321-7708