Our trail horses have been used in Civil War reenactments in multiple states across the U.S. They have also appeared in numerous TV shows and movies including:

  • The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (The History Channel)
  • Bones - The Dentist in the Ditch - TV Episode
  • The History of Beef - National Geographic
  • Smokewood - HBO Pilot 
  • Gettysburg - History Channel Documentary

Saber Creek Ranch is a small, private horse ranch owned and operated by Bill and Poppy Behrens located on the edge of AZ state land. We decided to call this place home 15 years ago and started our horse ranch.

​Saber Creek Ranch

​Bill & Poppy Behrens

(602) 321-7708


About Us

Our horses have also participated in The Rose Parade on New Years day in Pasadena for the past 8 years. They have also been in numerous other parades including the Prada del Sol and Wickenburg Gold Rush Days.